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Best Western’s We Care Clean Program

With experience in sales and restaurant management, Nichole Thiel has since moved on to pursue a career in hospitality. Nichole Thiel is eager to expand her career beyond the regional level with national brands in the hospitality space, such as Best Western.

As part of its efforts to keep operating on a safe and secure level for customers, Best Western is implementing a new set of safety standards as part of its SafeStay promise. Best Western’s We Care Clean program is based on guidelines established by the CDC, OSHA, the EPA, and Health Canada. It’s meant to be a comprehensive approach to sanitation and cleaning through a streamlined process that creates minimal contact between guests and employees.

The We Care Clean program includes cleaning and sanitation protocols for the front desk and lobby as well as greatly enhanced cleaning protocols for rooms and housekeeping that includes reorganizing rooms to eliminate unnecessary items. Furthermore, public amenities will be carefully monitored and breakfast offerings have been enhanced to comply with local food safety regulations and hotels may opt for pre-plated breakfast options as well.

Three Traits of Servant Leaders

Successful Leadership in a Complex, Globalized World

Nichole Thiel
Nichole Thiel

Nichole Thiel is a respected presence in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho community who has extensive experience in organizational leadership. Having been active with the Idaho Leadership Institute for three years, Nichole Thiel has a particular interest in the experiences that have informed successful figures in business.

Speaking at a TED event, one veteran strategy consultant described leadership development programs that are based on past models as being a significant detriment to success in today’s business world. Conducting a study that spanned 4,000 companies, she found that a majority of businesses experienced major gaps when it came to filling critical leadership roles. This came despite significant expansion in leadership development expenditures.

A major reason turned out to be that, within a world of increased digital communication and transparency, a complex matrix approach is required to successfully navigate the intricacies of globalized workplaces and marketplaces. Traditional 360 performance assessments and performance criterion often result in a blindsiding, as core realities are ignored and false positives generated.

One effective approach involves bringing together different, often geographically diverse teams from within the organization to hash out the specific issues they are facing and place them within the corporate context. The end result is one of proactive course correction that addresses potential market shifts and organizational failures, before these challenges undermine the company’s core mission.

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