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The Challenges of Parrot Ownership and Care

Nichole Thiel is a former educator who has transitioned to the hospitality sector. An exotic bird and parrot enthusiast, Nichole Thiel is also involved with parrot rescue.

Parrots often require rescue intervention when their owners determine that they are no longer able to care for them. Attracted by attributes such as the parrot’s colorful plumage and superior intelligence, many people are not prepared for the daily reality of parrot ownership.

First and foremost, parrots can bite. In fact, biting is the leading behavioral problem that bird owners encounter. Secondly, parrots can be noisy. While all birds vocalize from time to time, birds that are bored or distressed can scream incessantly. Boredom can also cause a parrot to engage in destructive behavior such as tearing apart the contents of its cage.

All of these problems, among others, can interfere with quality pet ownership and adoption efforts. Through effective behavioral modification, however, animal rescuers can rehabilitate parrots and find them permanent homes.

Requirements for Adopting Rescued Pets