About Nichole Thiel

Nichole Thiel
Nichole Thiel

Nichole Thiel is an experienced educator and educational administrator who holds a master of arts in educational administration with a focus on Career Technology Education (CTE), as well as dual undergraduate education degrees from the University of Idaho in Moscow. To augment and inform her professional activities, she has attended a range of CTE seminars and conferences sponsored by organizations such as the Association for Career and Technical Education. Nichole Thiel has also completed anti-bullying training based on the philosophies of Stephen Wessler.

Ms. Thiel’s professional dedication is further reflected in her various charity and community outreach efforts. She has volunteered as a fundraising event coordinator for Hospice and served as president of her local homeowners’ association.

In her free time, Nichole Thiel enjoys hobbies ranging from weaving on a loom to growing peonies and other vegetation in her garden. She is also an exotic domesticated bird aficionado and pet lover who has assisted with both parrot and dog rescue initiatives.

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