USPS Offers New Priority Mail and Priority Express Stamp Designs

After more than a decade as a secondary school administrator and leadership trainer, Nichole Thiel took a brief hiatus to care for her ailing mother. In 2019, Nichole Thiel returned to the workforce as a federal employee with the United States Postal Service.

The USPS raises all its operating costs from postage and specialty stamp sales. Recently, the USPS announced the release of a new line of priority mail postage featuring two natural landmarks.

Available in January 2020, the priority mail express stamp will celebrate the Grand Island Ice Cave of Lake Superior. During the winter, snow runoff develops into beautiful ice formations at the mouth of the Grand Cave. When the lake is frozen over, visitors can reach the spectacular display by snowmobile.

The 2020 Priority Mail stamps will showcase a portion of the Rio Grande flowing through Big Bend National Park in Texas. Both stamps feature the work of Chicago-based illustrator Dan Cosgrove. While there will be no official first day of issue ceremony, the USPS will release information regarding the purchase of first-day postmarks on its website and upcoming newsletter.