The Vanhemert Leadership Academy for School Administrators

An experienced education professional, Nichole Thiel has taught at Timberlake High School and Lake City High School in Idaho, teaching a leadership curriculum that she designed. She then earned a masters of administration in education with a strong emphasis in career and technical education. Nichole Thiel is also a member of the National Education Association and attended the Vanhemert Leadership Academy.

The Vanhemert Leadership Academy is a three-year instruction program for school administrators facilitated by the Idaho Association of School Administrators. The training program affords attendees the opportunity to collaborate and enhance their leadership abilities. It provides training sessions in the form of seminars that help administrators understand their leadership styles and learn how to complement those styles with human relations and business skills.

In the first year of the program, the topics covered include effective leadership styles, communication skills, developing teams, and goals and growth plans. In the second year, attendees learn about conflict management, marketing, reculturing for success, and leadership in special education. In the third year, the subjects include stress and time management, technology in education, legal issues in schools, and instructional leadership. Program participants also attend four meetings every year where they give presentations in front of their regional peers and hold roundtable discussions, growing their networks and enhancing collegiality.

Project CURE Donates Medical Supplies to US Healthcare Systems

A resident of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Nichole Thiel is an education administrator and certified Dementia Care provider. A former board member of the University of Idaho Advisory Board, Nichole Thiel currently works at Best Western Hotels & Resorts, a premier global hospitality company that since the onset of COVID-19 has been implementing plans to prevent infections at its hotels and resorts. Best Western also supports Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment) in its efforts to supply health care systems with critical medical equipment to fight the pandemic.

Since the arrival of COVD-19, Project C.U.R.E. has supported the work of frontline health care workers throughout the United States. It initially made all of its resources available to hospitals and first responders. Many of these resources, including masks, personal protective equipment, and gloves, were donated to centers in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Nashville.

Once the organization had donated all of the supplies in its warehouses, it began conducting supply drives in the communities it serves. These efforts have yielded fruit. Project C.U.R.E. has donated more than 380 shipments of medical supplies across the United States, including life support equipment like ventilators and thousands of boxes of essential protective supplies.

It is now calling on residents to lend a helping hand. To donate cash or medical supplies, visit

Best Western’s We Care Clean Program

With experience in sales and restaurant management, Nichole Thiel has since moved on to pursue a career in hospitality. Nichole Thiel is eager to expand her career beyond the regional level with national brands in the hospitality space, such as Best Western.

As part of its efforts to keep operating on a safe and secure level for customers, Best Western is implementing a new set of safety standards as part of its SafeStay promise. Best Western’s We Care Clean program is based on guidelines established by the CDC, OSHA, the EPA, and Health Canada. It’s meant to be a comprehensive approach to sanitation and cleaning through a streamlined process that creates minimal contact between guests and employees.

The We Care Clean program includes cleaning and sanitation protocols for the front desk and lobby as well as greatly enhanced cleaning protocols for rooms and housekeeping that includes reorganizing rooms to eliminate unnecessary items. Furthermore, public amenities will be carefully monitored and breakfast offerings have been enhanced to comply with local food safety regulations and hotels may opt for pre-plated breakfast options as well.

The Challenges of Parrot Ownership and Care

Nichole Thiel is a former educator who has transitioned to the hospitality sector. An exotic bird and parrot enthusiast, Nichole Thiel is also involved with parrot rescue.

Parrots often require rescue intervention when their owners determine that they are no longer able to care for them. Attracted by attributes such as the parrot’s colorful plumage and superior intelligence, many people are not prepared for the daily reality of parrot ownership.

First and foremost, parrots can bite. In fact, biting is the leading behavioral problem that bird owners encounter. Secondly, parrots can be noisy. While all birds vocalize from time to time, birds that are bored or distressed can scream incessantly. Boredom can also cause a parrot to engage in destructive behavior such as tearing apart the contents of its cage.

All of these problems, among others, can interfere with quality pet ownership and adoption efforts. Through effective behavioral modification, however, animal rescuers can rehabilitate parrots and find them permanent homes.

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